ZPUino Wishbone Simulator

Jack Gassett

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We've been working on porting a stepper control core to work as a wishbone peripheral on the ZPUino. To help us out with this process Alvie put together a really cool wishbone testbench that lets us simulate the core by manually writing to the wishbone registers. This is a very lightweight solution that lets you verify your wishbone peripherals without the overhead of simulating or synthesizing the full ZPUino Soft Processor!


The code is located on github.



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this simulation project is very usefull as the ZPUino is quite long to synthesize.


Juste a remarque,

I used this simulation project to simulate a custom periferal of my own based on the exemples of this topic:

The exemple 1 is not working with the simulator because of "Asynchronous acknowledge" i guess.

I had to move my periferal on the exemple 2, and it works perfectly.

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