Logicstart recieved. Extra charges?


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Just wondering.... I recieved the Logicstart board a few days ago with thanks.
One query though.
I had to pay an extra charge of 12.91 GBP (about $20.)for the Post office to release it. :?
The rate I paid for at your end was for best way. ($7.)
I wasn't expecting to have to pay more at my end.
Is this normal?Please let me know.
All the best,
Steve (mubase)

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Yeah, unfortunately there's not much that can be done.


AFAIK, even if the item is shipped at $1 price tag, the customs will evaluate if this cost is feasible for the product. If not, they will assign a price themselves, and charge you VAT on top of that.


I recall requesting some samples from TI once, all free of charge, but the commercial value was around €130. Had to pay €70 to receive the stuff (plus, it was send by FedEX, and half of this cost was their own).


It's life. :) At least we can get a bottle of wine shipped to us (something US can not!)



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Sorry about that Steve, I wish there was something I could do to ease the pain of customs fees but I have heard of companies getting in trouble if they try to. Every country has different fees and policies and I don't know of any way to manage those fees from my end so the fees get tacked on by the local customs office. It's all weird to me, we don't have any customs in the U.S. so I never knew it existed until I started Gadget Factory. BTW, if anyone knows of something to ease these fees, that is not going to get me in trouble, I'd love to hear about it.



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Yeah, the most we can do to ease customs is including a proper packing list and invoice so that there won't be any delays or excessive valuation of the items. As for the charges, if the law prescribe them we have to pay.


FYI, usually (at least in India) the duties/octroi are levied on "CIF" : Cost+Insurance+Freight of the product, so the total cost of the product for customs calculations is the basic cost plus taxes (levied at source) plus whatever you paid for shipping. The duties will be calculated on this value.There may be some additional duties, surcharges added to the basic rate of duty. In some countries VAT may also be levied on the price with the duties added. In addition to this, the shipper may also charge any clearing fees of their own. Further to this, if your city's administration charges octroi for all incoming items, it will be calculated on the total value of CIF+duties+VAT+shipper's clearing charges.


BTW, UK customs must also be weird like the ones in India - some shipments are charged proper duties, some are excessively charged, and other simply pass through like it was a simple postcard! Out of numerous shipments to the UK we have rarely heard about such incidents. Maybe some people did get the items without paying any customs, or maybe they just paid the due charges as per the laws.


I suppose we have to add a note/warning/agreement/intimation/reminder during order completion form to the effect that any customs duties and taxes must be paid by the customer.



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