TFT wing.. Is it available yet?


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Hi. I have recieved my Papilio one 500 in the post. :) Still waiting for the Logicstart board though.

In the mean time I have been trying out the Zpuino examples with success. 

I saw some information about a TFT wing for the cheap 3.2" SSD1289 or ILD touchscreen LCDs from China.  I saw the video on youtube but can't find any more info about this wing. I have 2 of these TFTs in my embedded parts bin. One has an SD card slot and the other not. 

Would there by any chance be any schematics for the TFT wing and is it on sale yet?

I would love to have a go at building one myself...


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Hello Mubase,


I haven't followed up with the TFT wing as of yet. I attached the EAGLE design files, modified library, and a bit file for the Papilio One 500K.


I think this wing needs to be redesigned to place the data ports so they correspond with porta-portb. Right now they are mixed up which requires goofy code to compensate, or a new bit file to straighten the pins out. I think it would be best to just redesign the wing to straighten the pins out.



BPW5033 3_5 TFT

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