Splitting a project into two .bit files to upload program separate from CPU

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I've finished the first version of my first ever FPGA project: a CPU that uses Brainfuck as its machine language. See for details.

Now, I'd like to split it into two parts so that I can upload the CPU definition proper into the FPGA's flash memory in one go of papilio-prog, then upload the programs (preferably as a raw blob, i.e. without any processing on the original Brainfuck program file)  by running papilio-prog again. So basically, I'd like to be able to upload ROM data without having to re-load the hw configuration bitfile.


Is this something that's somehow possible with papilio-prog? How?




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You need to use the data2mem tool to do what you are talking about. It will allow you to merge your code into the BRAM space of a bit file, this is the method that we use with the AVR8 and the arcade games to load code and video games into the bit file.


There was a discussion thread about it here:


Here are some helpful app notes:



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