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Hi Alvaro


I have now the papilion-pro and it's 64Mbit chip. I wish to use the zpu design to power a little project, not really well defined yet.


Can we use the simulator to test our application ? I would like to be able to predict the stack size of my C code.

  I face some compiling issue yesterday evening, probably missing file ... i would like to share the sdram chip between zpucore and an hw device through wishbone. I never read wishbone spec but i hope multi-master is allowed and now the question: is the current design ready for multi-master ?


By the way zpuprogrammer do not compile out-of-the-box on ubuntu-12.10. I have to  re-order function in programmer.c and i have an issue with sysdeps.h than need to be link to sysdeps_linux.h ... i don't know if this is supposed to be handle by autotools. show a depency on makeargv.c that is not needed and is absent. bitmerge have missing file.


Also it would be nice if we can have ref-design with the tap controller instanciate and a mini howto on remote debugging (command line for connecting gdb should be enough)





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