Issue with Quickstart-Papilio_One_500K-v1.5.bit


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I just dowload the last Papilio Loader from github. And i cannot any more configure my Papilio One 500 with default Quickstart-Papilio_One_500K-v1.5.bit



./papilio-prog.exe -v -f Quickstart-Papilio_One_500K-v1.5.bit -vUsing built-in device listJTAG chainpos: 0 Device IDCODE = 0x41c22093    Desc: XC3S500EIOException: Unexpected end of fileUSB transactions: Write 3 read 2 retries 1

It seems that Quickstart-Papilio_One_500K-v1.5.bit is actually corrupt and have a wrong size compare to an old file comming from an earlier version.

Quickstart-Papilio_One_250Kv1.5.bit may also be impacted. I wasn't able to test.

While Quickstart-Papilio_One_LX9-v1.5.bit is working fine.





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Hi Jack



I get commit bf3017a1158c15cd461e004247045c204f03dd9c


And i still face the issue :

ls -l Quickstart-Papilio_One_250K-v1.5.bit ../../../GadgetFactory-Papilio-Loader-86a6be9/Helper_App/Quickstart-Papilio_One_250K-v1.5.bit-rwxr-xr-x 1 tom tom 169316 mai    9  2011 ../../../GadgetFactory-Papilio-Loader-86a6be9/Helper_App/Quickstart-Papilio_One_250K-v1.5.bit-rw-rw-r-- 1 tom tom 169310 janv. 16 07:46 Quickstart-Papilio_One_250K-v1.5.bit

The working file has 169316 bytes while the one actually on the depot is 169310.



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