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Hi all,

I'm using the Papilio Pro/Retrocade hardware in a slightly different way. I am attempting to replicate a Minimoog synth using DSP techniques. The source code is available at


So far the system does the following:

1) performs digital->analog conversion using a 12 bit delta-sigma DAC (as per Xilinx doco).

2) generates a sawtooth/square/pulse waveform for a given MIDI note number.

3) samples all 16 analog port pins, latching each value in distributed RAM.


Not much but it's a start.


Next tasks:

1) clean up the clock logic

2) get a MIDI keyboard attached and working.




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Hi all,

just comitted a fix to the ADC logic and it is now working correctly.


Module ADC.v contains a state machine that reads each of the 8 analog pins in turn and stores the 8 bit value in a dual ported RAM. While based on the Papilio Pro/Retrocade wing combo it wouldn't take too much fiddling to adapt it to other platforms.

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