Playing SND-Files also possible?


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I´ts a great thing, that´s possible to play back YM(D) files with the Retrocade,

but this Fileformat is a little bit obsolete and most of available files comes in SND Format.


So I´m wondering, is it also possible, to play back (or convert to ymd) the more actually SND Files?



Thanks in advance ,



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I don't think we will add direct support for SND files since it will require more processing power then ym files. It looks like we would need to use the stsound library which would do emulation of the 68K chip in order to process SND files. Right now we just read the data from YM files and feed them into the YM2149's registers which requires very little effort from the processor... I think this is probably the approach we should continue with.


It would be great to figure out a way to convert SND files to YM files. The SND library is much easier to track down then the YM libraries are. I have a YM library on my hard drive that is just as big as the SND library is but I don't remember where I got it from, maybe a website that's not up anymore? Anyway, if you search around you should be able to find the same thing... I would greatly prefer to work out a method to convert SND files to YM and I started looking into methods. I tried a bunch of different players to see if they could do the conversion, none of them did so. The most promising lead I have found is this post in the Atari-Forum. It looks like "Oedipius' tools" might do what we are looking for but you have to be a member of the forum to download the attached tools. I tried to register with the forum but biffed the spam question and have locked myself out of registration for an unknown period of time! Will try again later.


In the meantime if anyone else knows of a solution to convert SND to YM files it would be greatly appreciated.



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Hello Jack, thanks for your feedback.


Yes, i know this posting on the Atari Forum ;o)


But as I can see, the snd files are more complex than the ym files....


And yes, you are right, the YM-Files source, where you got your dozen of YM-files is unfortunately offline since a longer time...


Another way is, to use STeem or SainT ( two different ST Emulators) with ATARI Tools to convert the files on the ATARI-ST platform, but its very cumbersome..



Another source I found is: (the YM files are hidden :ph34r:  )


But a little hint: you can find it in the Chipbench 1.3 Folder -> Format -> ATARI   ;) )



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