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I've just got a new project up on my WIki that might be of interest to Papilio Pro users. 


It is a VGA controller that 


* Accepts bursts of pixel data (so can be used with a Memory controller)


* Transparently  switches video clocks and timing for four video modes - 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x720.


To enable the mode switching all you have to do append a '1' to the first pixel of the frame when you write it to the fifo - it handles the rest.


You can find it at


I've also got an example of how to program a DCM_CLKGEN at

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Hi Alvie,


Yes, you guessed it. It decouples the display from the memory subsystem.


So the design driving has logic that works something like:


if pixels_left_to_read  = 0 then 

  if  the display fifo is low then

      Issue a request for another x pixels from pixel_address;

      pixels_left_to_read <= x;

      if pixel_address = 1024 * 768 - x then 

         pixel_address <= 0;

         is_first_pixel <= '1';


         pixel_address <= pixel_address + x;;

      end if;

  end if;


   if data has been received from memory then

     write memory data to the display fifo, with is_first_pixel appended to the MSB

     pixels_left_to_read <= pixels_left_to_read-1;

     is_first_pixel <= '0';

  end if;

end if;


All you have to do to change the video mode is replace  "1024 * 768 - x"  with  "640 * 480 - x" (or 800x600, or 1280x720), and it takes care of switching the pixel clock from 65MHz down to 25Mhz

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