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I just received my RetroCade Synth and it is working great so far :)

But I wanted to ask how the audio output is routed and if it can be changed? Apparantly all output is routed to both audio jacks?

Is it planned to allow custom output routing?

Also, I assume using one jack as an audio *input* is not possible?

Anyway, great job so far!



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Hello Toby,

The RetroCade is very flexible so changing the audio routing is possible. What kind of ideas do you have for the types of changes you would like to be able to do?

There is no analog hardware setup to allow audio input at the moment. But we should be able to use the Wing sockets or maybe even the analog inputs to get audio input.


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Concerning audio input, I thought it would be nice if we could also use the RetroCade as an effect machine routing audio from its input to a processing chain of audio effects and sending that processed audio then to the output jacks. I come from a DSP/audio software/plugin background, mainly for audio effects (for example, so I would be very interested in experimenting with the software side of that on the RetroCade, but first have to check out if it is possible at all to get audio input into that great little board :)

And concerning the audio routing, I think a little mixer should be easy to implement that defines what output module (SID, YM, MOD) is routed with what percentage to Audio Out 1 and 2, for example to include external effect modules only on some of the chips output.

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The existing audio mixer code is here:

It's pretty basic, we probably want to expand it into a wishbone component so we can add digital effects, control volume and integrate the sigma-delta ADC. We can probably start with this:


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