Ethernet Phy + Magnetics + RJ45 Wing

Samuel Jacob

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We've had an RMII Ethernet Wing designed for years now... The problem is that we have not found an Open Source Ethernet core that supports RMII yet... It should be possible to convert MII to RMII but there just never seems to be the time to do so. Alvie has a prototype board and in his work with Linux might get the time to bring the board up. But until we can get a core to support it the Wing is just sitting in my dropbox folder...


I do also have a Wifi Wing, I started working on porting the libraries a couple weeks ago, but didn't get too far before I ran out of time. The WiFi Wing uses the same module, from microchip, that the Async Labs WiShield does. It should be just a matter of modifying the library to work with the AVR8 and ZPUino before I can get the ball rolling with making this Wing available. It will probably take a couple days with the logic analyzer to get it working.

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Playing with this today getting it working in SocZ80


Useful things I have learned


- 10MHz or less

- SPI mode 0,0 only

- 100nS is needed between deselect and reselect

- 100nS is needed between the transaction end and deselection


That was far too much fun because the chip responds to just about any SPI protocol timing violation of the above by almost working, everything the mac address writes which mysteriously fail a lot.


I have added SPI mode 0 to the SocZ80 SPI master and figured out the delays. Unlike a little microcontroller that the libraries are written for on a 128MHz Z80 on FPGA you can violate them! I can now send and receive packets. On the bright side since we now do SPI 0,0 I can switch Will's SD card driver to use the correct SPI modes, which might explain why some of the cards I have didn't work.



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