Xilinx ISE installation. Which product??


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Hi PApilio nuts. Hope everyone had a nice holiday.

I have recently bought the 500K board from Seedstudio and am awaiting delivery!!

In the meantime I have started reading the introduction book written by HAmster and have downloaded the massive 6 Gb installation pack for the ISE from Xilinx.

I have a question regarding installation:

When installing, Which actual product do I install?

Is it just ISE design suite system edition and Vivado system edition or do i have to choose another "Product to install" ??

Im not sure... The one I mentioned takes up a healthy 16298 megabytes...



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Yeah just install the one labeled WebPack and you also have to get a free license online from Xilinx. If somehow the installer doesn't take you there, just run the "Manage Xilinx Licences" after the installer finishes and select the first tab "Aquire license" then "Get Free ISE WebPack License"

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