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Hi Jack,

am in the process of getting up to speed with the Pro. Thanks very much for all your hard work, I'm really looking forward to getting to know it better.

Just working through the sample UCF file and noticed that the LED is missing. Can you please tell me the spec for the LED current so I can set up the output drive current?

Will post updated UCF files when done.



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When I use the generic .UCF file with all the pins defined in, my compilation fails because I'm not using anything connected to most of the pins. Is there any way to tell the compiler to ignore that or do I have to comment out the unused lines from the UCF file?

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Hi all,

FYI, I've uploaded a UCF for use with a Papilio Pro/Retrocade combo to the downloads section.


In the process I discovered what I think are a few errors in the generic UCF file. Jack (or other), could you please check the pin numbers for BA(0), BA(1), nWE, nCAS, nRAS, DQML, DQMH, RX and TX?


Also, I took the liberty of renaming CLK to OSC_IN, RX to USB_RXD and TX to USB_TXD to better align with the schematic. Pins for LED1, CLK and CKE were added.


Be warned, the CLK pin still exists, however it is not the oscillator output, rather it is the DRAM CLK pin.

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Thank you for making that updated UCF file and I'm sorry it took so long to respond. I needed to get to the bottom of what happened for those pins to be wrong... I use Thelonious's pin converter to automatically generate the ucf files and I know there was a problem with the pins being wrong, but I thought I remembered fixing that in the pin converter!


Turns out that the problem was related to the download section of the forum. When I was uploading new files I didn't realize you had to delete the old file first and it would keep an old revision. I was just uploading updated files with the same file name and what was happening was the very first file was staying there through all of the revisions! So even though everything looked right in the pin converter tool the download section was feeding up the very first ucf file I submitted to it, which had the wrong pinouts.


I think we are set now, I added LED1 and the missing SDRAM pins to pin converter and updated all of the ucf files in the download area. I also generated new RetroCade ucf files for the Papilio One and Papilio Pro as well as keeping your custom version available for download. Now people have more options, and your custom version looks nicer then the automatically generated one.


Thank you for your help, it is greatly appreciated. :)








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