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I've not managed to sucessfully program anything into my papilio pro.

I'm using the loader program I downloaded from this site.

The target board drop down only has "BUtterFly One" and various "PapilioOne ..." opions for 200k and 500k and does not mention Papilio pro.

If I select auto detect then then I get "JTAG chainpos: 0 Device IDCODE = 0x24001093 Desc: XC6SLX9" and it appears to work however the boards doesn't seem to do anything. SHould the loader have an option for papilio pro or do I have the wrong version?

I tried the SPI option as well and that took about 1 full minute to work but gave no error - but does not appear to have programmed my code to the device properly as it doesn't work.

I believe my code to be correct as I have no problems with other fpga boards but of course it could be wrong.

Is the original programming file that flashes the LED available anywhere to try putting back as this appeared to work when I first powered up the board, so I can eliminate my code as the cause of this not working? Or do you have any suggestions for what I might be doing wrong?


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Ok never mind, I changed USB ports on my computer and now it appears to be working as expected.

I'm not sure why one USB port would work and another would "appear" to work but not actually work, but I can confirum that the device appears to be working properly and sorry for the long unnecesary question.

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I agree, I think the USB change thing was incorrect and just a coincidence. It seems to work but unreliably as you say. It seems to work reliably for several attempts and then fail several times in a row then work again.

It's usable anyway now I know this I just try until it works.

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