Writing a USB 1.0 stack.


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I'm thinking of implementing the V-USB stack on an FPGA. It is only USB 1.0, so OK for joysticks and keyboard emulation. If it can fit into an Arduino, how hard can it be to implement in an FPGA eh? :)

I am hoping to get it to the point where it can be used for implementing MAME controllers or flightsim add-ons, but no further...


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Sounds good!

Is it possible for FPGAs to self-program in some way?

Just wondering if it would be possible to use this to program an fpga so it didn't need an external microcontroller or usb chip or JTAG programmer... I guess it would be possible to use it to program SPI flash containing a fpga program at least.

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Any progress on this topic?


There is something similar for XESS board at http://www.xess.com/projects/FPGA-USB-V2/readmeusb-v2.php


VHDL seems understandable to my newbie eyes, and I plan to try making primitive USB switcher out of it. It includes SDRAM, but as far as I can see it's not used anywhere so it should be applicable to all Papilios (since XESS is Spartan 3).

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