ROMGen v3.01 (was ROMGen v3.01 r4)


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I have uploaded my newest project to github.

What is it? its the standard romgen.exe by mikej included with the Arcade Blaster application, but with a twist. (source released with mikej's permission)

by including the -ini switch on the command line, it is capable of doing some simple bitswaps on the raw ROM data allowing various other games to run on PacMan hardware.

Currently I have ini / batch file combinations for the following :



shoot the bull

pac-man plus (currently the only ini uploaded to github)

since they are based on the pacman hardware with some simple address lines switched around.

other encryption types can easily be supported and the ini files are created by using information

found in MAME.

In the coming days, i will update the git repository with the other ini and bat files, and of course

proper documentation that shows how to use it.

maybe at some point, we can get support for the -ini switch added to arcade blaster for native support.

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21 Nov 2012


* Removed INI directory

* Added .bat files and other support files to the bin_release directory.

- Put your ROM files in bin_release/roms/GAMENAME directory.

- Click the .bat to load the game


Someone who has windows 7 or below can test to make sure everything works ?

If not, I will have to see about dual booting XP or something.

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30 Nov 2012


* Renamed repository to ROMGen_v3.01 (vice ROMGen_v3.01_r4)

* Uploaded R5 (R4 was well umm. borked.. initially uploaded wrong files *sigh*

* Updated all batch files

* Tested under Windows 8

* All batch files work as intended :)

* Packaged 'bin_release' into ROMGen_v3.01.rar

Download Link:

(sorry couldn't upload the file to the forum... says its too big... its 516 K.. max filesize is 97.02 K)

As far as I know, I am done with this for now, unless i find some encrypted stuff which runs on similar

hardware. ( mspacman for the ppro :wub: ) Only thing left to do is to write the documentation.

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