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Hi All,

Could someone post easy steps how to get ZPUino running on custom board? I have old spartan 3A 400k evaluation board from Avnet and it would be great to get ZPUino to say hello world from that board.

I have taken papilio one 250k project as a base and edited papilio_one.ucf to match my pins in Avnet board. I also had to remove Wing C pin mappings because I don't have enough IOs in Avnet board. I changed clock frequency to 16 MHz instead of 32 MHz (does this have an affect on anywhere else than ucf?).

I also edited zpuino_config.vhd zpuino_gpio_count to match new number of IOs.

Currently I can get to place & route where routing fails to route zpuino/stack_a_read<16> signal for some reason.

Br, Pico

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