Map of Papilio World Domination!


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that would be pretty cool, and not hard from a html/php standpoint. i 2nd the request.

edit: altho, now that i think about it he wouldn't be able to track non-gadgetfactory store orders

since the different vendors probably dont report back to him shipping addresses, et al.

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Hey, this sounds like a great idea! Also, sorry I've been a little less responsive then usual, I took a small contracting job that is taking up a lot of time. Should be done with it soon...

Anyway, do you guys have any leads on php code or something to make this happen? This might be a good project for Dhia to work on.


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re: less responsive jack

don't worry about the less responsive jack.. we all have real life things that take priority, time to time..


re: map

something like this

would take a ton of time (looks like he used a zoomed out + stitched google maps satellite screenie)

but is possible. i really don't do much work with on the fly generated images, but i do know

how to do it.. load up picture, use imagemagick to overlay your text/dots and save to file or send

to browser.... if dhia wants to tackle it, there is an ImageMagick page on at

however, if we use the same type of bg (google maps satellite screenie)

i do have code (html+php+js) that would let you put in an arbitrary amount of dots (in different colors)

on an image (map in this case). i use it on one of my websites to track where players are in,

in the games virtual world.

adapting it to gadget factory should be easy.

if you want i can do up a quick demo for you.

the game map should be here

but i am not sure since i am at work and the site is blocked...

the data is stored in a json array (funny since most people know how i feel about java technologies) ;)

which the php uses to generate the html that overlays the dots on the map. i use 3 or 4 colors but we

can use as many colors as you want ... red dot for 1-50 users, yellow for 51 to 100 users, green for 101+ users..

whatever works.. each dot can also text which pops up when you hover over said dots..

the only server side requirements are a place to put the image dots, and php5 (probably php4 would work


edit: you could also use the google maps api...

but i have never used it. doesnt look terribly difficult to do tho

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  • 6 years later...

The world map I created is no longer on the list of available maps.
When I go into the map editor the title "World" of the map is there, but there is no thumbnail or edit button, only a delete button.

Dont know if the 2 things are related but I just recently had my rank reset due to the rank bug.

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