Storing and retrieving data in the config flash.


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I've taken Alex's work on bootstrapping Bombjack from flash and made it into a stand-alone design that can be used as a reference.

it is on http://hamsterworks....hp/Config_flash

There isn't anything worthwhile to include as a picture or a video - LEDs flashing - wahoo... Maybe somebody will use it to play back some audio samples....

It is in five parts:

bitmerge.c - Source of C program to merge a data file into the FPGA bitstream file at the desired address

lights.c - Source of C program to create a little binary data file to merge into the bitstream file

make.bat - Batch file to merge the data into the bitstream and launch the programmer

config_flash.vhdl - Design to read the data back from the config flash and display it on the LEDs

config_flash.ucf - Constraints file for the Papilio One + LogicStart WegaWing.

If anybody is on Windows and can't be bothered to download and install Visual C++ Express to compile the source files, send me a personal message with your email address and and I'll send you a copy.

Oh, and just remember the design will only work if you program it to the flash! :-)

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