Arcade MegaWing Joystick Port Question


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the arcade wing schematics show pin 7 as 5volts.

is that actually done that way? also is that some vhdl setting a port high or

is that off some bus run from a regulator or something?

i was wiring up a custom controller and noticed that on the schematics

and couldnt see why, unless you are trying to keep compatibility/planning for

future sega genesis controller support

am at work for next few days so wont have a chance to check the vhdl to

see if i can turn that off or not, and use it as a normal button to allow

for games like superglob to work.



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Felix,Sorry for the late reply,

I designed the joystick portion based on information found here. According to that site some joysticks that have features such as fire autorepeaters use the 5V to power their circuits. I connected pin 7 directly to the 5V power rail so there is nothing that can be done in VHDL to change that behavior. :(

In the new arcade megawing design I changed it to accommodate sega controllers. Pin 7 is connected as I/O and pin 8 is connected as permanent ground so we can maximize our usable I/O.


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