Arcade Blaster Beta 1.3 just released.

Jack Gassett

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A few months after I wrote that vga7seg I was digging though the source code of the Commodore 64 FPGA project at Syntiac and noticed a file called fpga64_hexy in the sources. That is basically also an OSD but implements a char gen allowing you to display alphanumerics or even define your own custom characters. It's very simple but powerful code that you could reuse for your project though the license attached to it is pretty strict.

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fpga64_hexy is a very pretty piece of code, pity about the license... the PACE project c64 implementation has a version which is "heavily inspired by the original", probably still not safe to reuse if the code resides in a public repository :)

alex - I'm not at all familiar with all the GPL variants, is it ok to simply add a comment where the original can be found if i include digit.vhd to my project ?

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I also think that the author of the Commodore 64 FPGA project at Syntiac might be cool with us using that code. I think he probably just wants to avoid commercial projects from implementing it, I've been meaning to contact him and ask about using his code on the Papilio Pro. But I keep putting it off until the PPro is further along.

I think a quick email to him would probably get permission to use that display code...


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Ok tested. everything works as much as it is going to.

the only issues i noted are a few of the games use inconsistent coin button (scramblehw/galaxian/the end, iirc use down instead of up button for coins)

the end needs the bullet fix (i think the end was based on same hardware we have a vlait fix for right ?)

space invaders still upside down. there was a fix somewhere in the forums for that.

superglob not 100% playable due to lack of buttons (need to use buttons on the arcade wing to play properly)

either way, everything is playable and ready for release.

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neslekkim - 2 buttons afaik, jump and summon (or whatever they are called .)

(edit: the above is probably bogus)

(edit2: scramble should have separate buttons for missiles/bombs )

Felix - please file the issues on git and i'll make changes for Jack to approve.

(unless someone else is faster :)

I haven't added The End bullet fix yet as it looked so bad compared to the original code, will do that as soon as i have some time off from work :/



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