Arcade Blaster Beta 1.3 just released.

Jack Gassett

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Just put together a beta release for Arcade Blaster, could use some help verifying the build:


9/5/2012 Version 1.2.1

-Adds LogicStart MegaWing support for Pacman

-Fixes controller scheme for Invaders (Vlait)

-Fixes starfield for Invaders (Vlait)

-Fixes reset for Galaxian (Vlait)

-Sets Pacman to table (Vlait)

-Following games added by FelixV

: Added (Space Invaders Clones)

: Alien Invasion Part II (alieninvp2)

: Space Invaders/Space Invaders M (invaders)

: Space Invaders Part 4 (invader4)

: Space King [Japanese Space Invaders] (spceking)

: Super Earth Invasion (Set 1) (searthin)

: Super Earth Invasion (Set 2) (searthina)

: Super Glob (German Bootleg) (sprglbpg)

: Space Invaders/Space Invaders M

: Space Invaders Part 4

: Space King (Space Invaders [Japanese])

: Super Earth Invasion (Set 1)

: Super Earth Invasion (Set 2)


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This build is actually 1 commit behind my current sets on GitHub, so a few sets are missing.

(few pacman hardware games; newpuc2;newpuc2b;puckmanx;pacheart;popeyeman probably more. no time to check atm

on the way to work)

there is also a file in the installer, in the hardware/galaxian directory called "galout" probably shouldnt be there.

will check better tonite after work

until we get the other .bit(s) {since only pacman is included atm} for the other hardware sets for the LogicStart, we should probably disable them in the hardware.xml file

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Is there any way of finding out what is going wrong when I'm using Arcade Blaster?, I installed this beta (would prefer an zip instead of installer though..) and everything worked fine, that is, the hardware files for mrdonightmare is not compiled for the combination of papilo 500k + logicstart.

At least I managed to play pongdemo. So, I turned it of (well, took out the usb from papilio), and after some fiddling, I managed to put togheter an folder for pacman (10 rom files), and started arcade blaster again, it finds pacman, shows up nicely, but I cannot get arcadeblaster to upload it. And now, It wont even upload Pongdemo either?

I removed the pacman folder, and tried again, but no, impossible to upload pongdemo.. nothing happes.. If I try the Mrdon.. I get the error message that the bitfile is missing for that, so at least the app still works.

What can I do about this?

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use the 1.2 release for now.

the 1.3 release has a few bugs which should be fixed next release, whenever Jack gets time.

(invaders hardware is broken, and 3 pac clones have no sound)

get 1.2 here


here is the not released Games.xml file you can replace in the arcade blaster\roms directory


here is a DAT for use with

Papilio Arcade - Games (Trurip-v2012-09-03_XML).zip

there is a tutorial for it on the romvault site.

if you want, you can save the monograms/screenshots from 1.3 and put in the 1.2 directory

and you will in effect have a 1.3.1 release.

if that made no sense, feel free to post and i will try to clarify further or just do an unofficial 1.3.1

edit: i cant do unofficial 1.3.1 since i can't upload a file that big to the forum



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I'm using logicstart, and have no possibility to attach joystick, so beta is just fine.

The problem was kinda silly, something that you maybe should check, you need to run the program as administrator for making it work, the first time you run it, if you let the installer start it you are already run as admin since the installer elevated the rights.

But the information about logicstart, is that in 1.2? I mean, is it files that I can change or is it compiled into the build? (just curios, I think I will use it as this.)

And, installer, it installs everything under programfiles, where you should not write files (ie when you are installing roms, and such), and the paths are all under there also instead of another place. (and thus, the reason for me wanting zipfiles.. :) )

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ah no you cant use logic start with 1.2, and i forgot you need to run as admin (stupid UAC)

you can move the arcade blaster folder to the desktop etc and you wont need to run as admin

use the games.xml from my post and replace the one in the 1.3 release, and you should be able to play all pacman hardware based games.

the logicstart config needs to be fixed in the base .bit and associated files and atm only pacman is done-ish. (and i agree about the button thing)

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I changed Pac-man hardware and synthesized it so the select button would not do anything in the last release of the Arcade Blaster beta... Guess I need to double check to make sure it made it in there. As soon as I get a pull request from vlait for the space invaders fix I'll do another beta release.


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Probably going to buy the arcade megawing one day, but I cant find ways to attach buttons on those?, I have bought an 2-4-8 way stick (zippyy something, and nine buttons that can be used for various things, but the megawing only have the ability to use the buttons in an normal joystick, and the four stick on the board.

Was just playing with the idea of putting this into an box, with buttons for oneplayer/twoplayer, and what buttons one would need for various games, actually not so sure about what's needed and not..

Was reading a bit on Hanselman's arcade build, and saw that he was using lot of buttons, for some reason:

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nod. i have a JAMMA controller harness ordered which i plan to chop and use to build my arcade wing/papilio into a standalone controller (gutted x-arcade controller)

since the Arcade Wing has all the buttons wired to the DE-9's you can in theory with minor changes support 2 controllers with 3 buttons + 1 start button (each)

which is my plan.

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Where is the D9 documented?, since it is to support atari etc from those, do they support buttons on every pin?, or can you just reconfigure that the same way as it is done with selecting arcade or logicstart megawing?

Ah, I found it, yes, 8 pins available.. that gives some room for buttons..

Is the Arcade megawing also using up all the io ports?, as the Logicstart is doing?

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I have the code to read the dip settings ready, just haven't tried it on any hardware yet... hopefully tried and tested over next weekend.

Having configurable controls would actually be nice as the bitfile would no longer be tied to the wings attached, at first glance

that does require more than a little rewrite.

Also trying to add a small joystick controlled OSD so it would actually be possible to see the position of the a2601 switches :P

(could just as well be used to change the dip settings runtime)

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