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I've grabbed the most recent ZPUino HDL and tried to build it "all".

Basically I tried to build every Makefile under "zpu/hdl/zpuino/boards"

for i in `find /mnt/scratch/ZPUino-HDL/zpu/hdl/zpuino/boards/ -name Makefile -printf %h\\\\n`; do
cd $i
make | tee $i/Makefile.out

A number of the makes failed.




Are we expecting failures in these makes, or is it something about my setup?

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That's indeed my problem, sorry. I've been pushing stuff into repo that I should not.

Nexys3 support is preliminary however, so it won't build.

I've pushed some changes that should fix the above issues.

Question: why are you synthesizing all of the boards ? Should be faster if you only synthesize those you own.



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Oh, I was just going to start playing with a few things, and wanted to make sure I didn't break any interdependencies.

Some didn't build, and since I'm quite new to this, I wasn't sure if it was my setup - or a real build problem. (I've had all sorts of fun getting ISE to run - glibc crashing craziness :angry: )

Synthesizing all of the boards is really just a sanity check for me, I wasn't harassing you for a fix. ;)

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Looks like the new drop breaks a few things:

ERROR:HDLParsers:3312 - "/mnt/scratch/ZPUino-HDL/zpu/hdl/zpuino/zpuino_intr.vhd" Line 194. Undefined symbol 'Undefined'.

It appears that "Undefined" was introduced in:

But seems to be missing from most of the board "zpu_config.vhd"s

Or... it could be me...

I've tried to drop my make logs here (WARNING - not very stable at the moment):

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*sigh* Except that I did mess up, and add a dupe.

There's still some issues stopping /papilio_one/s3e500/variants/hyperion/ from building

Compiling vhdl file "/mnt/scratch/ZPUino-HDL/zpu/hdl/zpuino/boards/papilio_one/s3e500/variants/hyperion/../../../../../wb_char_ram_8x8_sp.vhd" in Library work.
ERROR:HDLParsers:3264 - Can't read file "/mnt/scratch/ZPUino-HDL/zpu/hdl/zpuino/boards/papilio_one/s3e500/variants/hyperion/../../../../../wb_char_ram_8x8_sp.vhd": No such file or directory

When I sort it out, and get it to build, I'll send another pull request.

Also the / zpu / hdl / zpuino / boards / papilio_one / s3e500 / variants / apollo seems to missing it's PRJ file. Did it get forgotten, or doesn't really exist yet?

P.S. At the moment, my latest build logs are at: built from my fork.

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Sweetness & light. ;-)

Nice work. Looks like only the nexys3_S6LX16 & the papilio-plus_S6LX4 don't Make nicely at the moment. - ERROR:HDLCompiler:636 - "/mnt/scratch/ZPUino-HDL/zpu/hdl/zpuino/boards/nexys3/S6LX16/nexys3_top.vhd" Line 365: Net <gpio_o[52]> is already driven by input port <I>. https://raw.github.c...xys3_S6LX16.log - Seems to be a problem building the bootloader. ../common/register.h:9:33: board_papilio_plus.h: No such file or directory


My current logs (and build output) @

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hope not be off topic, but I was playing with papilio-plus and the arcade wing and, loading the sketches on the "zpuino-1.0-PapilioOne-S3E500-VGA160x120x8.bit" resulted in a good image but the foreground and the background of the writings are the same (cannot be read).

Strangely, loading the old Z2 version resulted in the opposite behaviour: nice writings but no image.

I checked the code for the IO_slot but seems to be OK. I don't know how to get the old build to compare the diff.

Any hints?

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Simply downloaded from the links in the gadgetfactory site. Anyway I have not expressed myself correctly. What i was trying to do was to get the zb2 sources for ZPUino to compare the two projects that led to the two bit files reported below. . In particular I expect that there should be some diff in the ZPUino_VGA and ZPUino_vga_char_ram.



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