Problems with Papilio Arcade Blaster App


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funny story.. i set up a gamebase (alternative to the java software for the papilio arcade)

was checking it out and just saw this in the batchfile (from 2 years ago..) ::



ECHO Papilio Pro Detected (Unsupported at this time.. Bother Jack)


SET PapilioHW=hardware_p1_500K
GOTO NextStep

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Ok, so I just connected an Arcade MegaWing to the Papilio Pro here and it doesn't work for me either... I tried to load the Pong demo to a Papilio Pro with an Arcade MegaWing and experienced the same problem...


After looking at the Arcade Blaster log file I saw that there was an error when trying to upload with SPI Flash. I upgraded papilio-prog and it then started working for me...


Please give this a try and see if it works for you too.


Replace the programmer/win32/papilio-prog.exe file with the file attached here.


Ultimately I would like to move away from the Arcade Blaster App. It's just not flexible to handle all the games that are available for the A2601 project. I tried to figure out a way to add support in the existing framework and didn't see any way, I would have to do some serious rewritting of the app, which I'm not to keen to do...


I'm going to be thinking of a better way to integrate everything into DesignLab because I want to add all of these projects in a way that they can be used to make custom circuits... So hopefully I will come up with a better solution that will make the Arcade Blaster app obsolete soon. 


The other option was a ROM management tool that someone posted before. It not only managed ROMs for you but also allowed you to launch them, which we could integrate with Papilio Loader. I don't remember the name of it but it would be much, much easier to use and support then the Arcade Blaster app...



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