Wearable FPGA - Kopin 320m CyberDisplay

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Four of these beauties just arrived and I'm very anxious to get them running with Papilio. They sure are tiny! The entire assembly including the black casing is smaller than my thumbnail. They are meant to be viewed at about an inch from your eye. From what I have read so far they were heavily used in camcorder viewfinders and the military picked them up for those cool one eye nightvision huds you see them with.

Google is loaded with links to the datasheet. Digikey still carries the connector which also arrived, so I will be making a board soon.

If anyone has experience with driving these or can help me decode the timing in the datasheet please chime in :)

Also, there is a driver chip that used to go with it, http://cache.freescale.com/files/timing_interconnect_access/doc/data_sheet/MCVVQ111A.pdf?pspll=1. Has some more insight on the timing.

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Today I am super excited that the MCVVQ111AFB chips to drive the displays arrived today from China!

The chip handles conversion of standard NTSC/PAL video into all the signals and voltages required to drive the display and has a seperate OSD input to overlay graphics onto the source video.

I can't wait to get a wing worked up and start driving the OSD input with Papilio. Maybe use the TVWing as a video source... Lots of fun ahead!


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