Parts for DIY papilio one


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I just won a PCB, so I'm looking for parts for DIY papilio one :)

I gonna buy them on digikey, so I found anything except of

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I wonder about which female headers are beeing used, I cannot find any breakaway headers that can easily be separated, only the ones you have to cut, and tweak a bit to make them fit?

The swiss headers, machined pins are better, but they are proably to low, but it's kinda that style for breaking them in two I'm looking for..

Or is it just an huge amount of 4-pin female headers beeing used?

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We went through a header supplier to put together these header packs. It includes:

  • 1x16 Female Header
  • 2x16 Female Header
  • 6 1x4 Female Header

There really are no good snapable female header options. You can buy a 40 pin header and cut them, sacrificing one hole for every cut.

I just tried to look up the headers at Digi-Key but it is too much of a pain to try and find them... Sometimes the simple things on Digi-Key are hard to find.


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