please need help to display camera video(OV7620 to VGA ??


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i am a student in master degree and i have to finish my project in  july 22,  i will need to display the image into the VGA screen  using Spartan 3A starter kit board platform (programing with vhdl)

i need help in camera synchronization and VGA blocks if you can help me to do this my future configuration of the camera will be :

8bit/16bit  output , RGB raw data in progressive mode,(C3188A  (image cmos OV7620)


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I've had an OV7670 sensor up and running (more of a webcam module than your one) and have a few hints.


1. Get a PCB to interface the camera module to your FPGA board. Nothing is worse than not knowing if a wire has worked loose, or there is more general signal integrity issues due to crosstalk from the wires. It really helps with picture quality. You will also have more data lines than an OV7670 so will have more problems. Make sure you put test points on your board for sniffing the I2C bus and other signals.


2. Get yourself a 3.3V Arduino (or a Raspberry Pi) and learn to speak I2C to the camera. It is far easier to modify some 'C' source and press compile then to go through the whole place and route cycle required if you use logic in the FPGA . Once you get everything sorted then move it to VHDL if you must. This might seem pointless but believe me, it will make you 5x more productive after you get your first image on screen.


3. Your camera will output pixels at 27M pixels per second - 640x480 is at about 25.125M pixels per second. This might cause you an issue - you might need to buffer the frame in RAM...


4. Read up on YUV & YCcCb colour spaces and 444 / 422 pixel formats, maybe do some image conversion in software to see how it works. RGB isn't  the best way to handle video.

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