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Xilinx ISE is Your best choice in so many ways. Gadgetfactory and papilio.cc support Papilio dev

with a lot of great tutorials and code samples, all implemented, debugged and simulated

using Xilinx ISE. So, the download is definitively worth the trip to some (faster) WiFi hotspot.

Additionally, many actual pros use the same tool, so You are getting a top notch training along

the way.

BR, Z.

Just looking at what software to download for FPGA development for the papilio board.

Xilinx ISE Design Suite. Its a whopper at about 7Gb.

Anything else ?


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I got Xilinx webpack up and running and one of the first things I noticed, is that it hasn't got intellisense and/or auto complete of words.

Is there a better text editor for VHDL around ?

Running Xilinx on Windows as the Linux install failed somewhere

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