Shifty AVR8 + custom core


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I got Shifty AVR to work great with custom core; also in the same process, I have

added SPI and pin shifting ability to Vanilla.

I wonder if it would be useful to upload the new Shifty design - with 16 bit I/O addressing

and custom core example? I will check if I can sign up somewhere...



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  • 6 months later...

Jack - hi - I have forked the AVR8 soft core design from the Github, and uploaded my branch, and sent You a pull request, as we discussed back in June (could not find that post though - it is somehow gone...). Anyway, check it out, and let me know. I tried to add detailed documentation in the docx and PDF files, as the changes look too scary in Github diff view.Thanks  - Zvonimir

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I just merged your changes, they look great. :)


Thank you for putting the time into this and making a nice writeup too. You were right, I reviewed the diffs first and was confused about some of the changes, but the documentation cleared up the questions. I think this will be very helpful for others who want to add custom cores to the more advanced AVR8 "Shifty" variant.




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thanks! Beiing a noob, I messed up a source code file that I did not change, as I was

exploring them. Some of them I kept chaging, then reverted them back etc. But  good

documentation is really needed for this kind of stuff, otherwise it gets hard to use.


I am proud You merged it in - keep me in the loop if somebody reports something

else broken, which it really should not. I shipped this solution internally in my

company and it is being used actively and seems to work. ;-)


Thanks - Zvonimir

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