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I just got a P+ board and I created a new demo of my VGA controller for it.  The original thread for the P1 version is here.  And, the code for the current demo is on github.  There are several pre-built bit files in the project with different VGA resolutions; so, give them a spin and let me know what you think. (You need a VGA wing plugged into A0-A7.)

This demo project is a work in progress; I'll be working on it when I have free time.


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Just joined group and just getting started with FPGA's, but have been a hardware and software engineer for many years so very excited about learning a new (for me) technology.

Your project looks extremely interesting and is along the lines of something I want to do. Does the new PPro have enough gates to do something like the ZPuino and a 16-bit WVGA controller? That is the direction I am looking in for a future project.

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Hello twgray and welcome to the forum.

One of the reason's we went to the 64Mb SDRAM chip over the easier to use 1Mb SRAM chip was to provide enough memory for nice video adapters. I know Alvie, the creator of the ZPUino was working on a new video adapter a little while ago. He is currently focusing on a new version of the ZPUino that will be able to run Linux and is very close with that. I think finishing up that video adapter will be one of the next logical steps...


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