AVR8 on Altera FPGA ?

Guest cyclone

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Guest cyclone


I am new in this forum, work with AVR microcontrollers.

I have a questions,

can be implemented avr8 on Altera fpga?

I use in my applications Cyclone and Stratix Altera fpga.

If yes, there is a package for Altera fpga?


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The AVR8 should run on any FPGA chip, but there would need to be changes made to the code. We depend on some Xilinx primitives such as the BRAM and the data2mem tool. Those Xilinx specific parts would have to be replaced with Altera solutions. Unfortunately I know very little about the Altera solutions and have no plans to put a package together.

The other option is to use the original AVR8 code available at OpenCores. Ruslan wrote the code to be FPGA independent. You will need an AVR programmer to load your code to the AVR8 over pins you specify as the JTAG programming pins. I removed that functionality and implemented the Xilinx stuff to make it easy to use with the Papilio.


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