AVR 8 error with Xilinx version 13.4


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I have been playing with the AVR8 module for quite some time,  but today was the first day I ran into an issue. I have recently  installed Xilinx version 13.4, and after synthesis now, the sketch I had  been using now for a long time does not want to upload to the board.

ERROR : Data2MEM:6 - Illegal token '

RAMB16', 'opening range bracket '['' expected.

Line #24, File "bitstreams\custom_bd.bmm".

PM_Inst/RAM_Word0 RAMB16 [15:0] [0:1023] PLACED = X0Y6;

make: *** [pcustom] Error 3

I  am really confused why this now does not work any more. Could someone  please help, or explain how I can fix it, I really want to continue  playing with the AVR8.


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