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Hello Nigel,

The Quickstart is created with the AVR8 Soft Processor. The source code for the sketch is located in Github and the source code for the AVR8 Soft Processor is also in Github.

Up to this point the focus has been on doing things with the AVR8 Soft Processor. We felt that the best approach to being effective with an FPGA is to start out with a familiar way of doing things, ie AVR soft processor, and then start learning VHDL by adding peripherals to the soft processor.

There are lots of great books and tutorials for learning VHDL out there. Mike Fields has written a nice one, and there is a new book out there for free.

Finally, with the help of Mike Fields we are working on a solution for people that want to start out learning VHDL. We are building a "LogicStart" MegaWing and Mike is working on a full course to go along with it. I think it is going to be very effective in getting people started with practical VHDL knowledge.


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