Papilio-Plus as a slave shield

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Guest Quiche31


I have two questions related to the forthcoming Papilio-Plus:

1) Will it plug with Arduino shields (as Papilio-Uno planned to do)?

2) And if so, will it be possible to using it as a slave shield to a master controller with an Arduino form factor (Arduino, or even better a NETMF board, such as Netduino or FEZ)?



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Hello Quiche321,

There are two new Papilio Spartan 6 boards; the Papilio Plus and the Papilio Logic.

The Papilio Plus is in the same form factor as the Papilio One and the Papilio Logic uses the Arduino Mega form factor.

Both boards are working great so far, now its just a matter of figuring out the logistics of getting them manufactured and available for sale. That's usually the hardest part. :)

1) The Papilio Logic is the one you will be most interested in, it is not designed as a shield but rather as an Arduino Mega form factor FPGA board. So Arduino shields can be plugged in and used with the board and the AVR8 soft processor.

2) With stack through headers the Papilio Logic should be able to be stacked onto any Arduino Mega board and be used as a shield, it should even be possible to stack multiple Papilio Logic boards. I haven't tested it out yet but I don't see any technical reason for it not to work. The biggest headache is the logistical problem of whether to have boards assembled with stack through headers or not. I worry that most people might be turned off by the pins jutting out of the bottom of the board.


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