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Hello, I made this wing proto last june.

It has 24 inputs and 24 outputs of wich 2 can drive a LED.

Inputs and outputs are in 5V.

I've tried to attach jpeg, avi, zip but for now, it's failed.

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I try to attach an image (1243 ko, jpg) with mozilla and internet explorer, I get a blank page with this:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 10368 bytes) in /home/gassettj/public_html/gadgetforum/Sources/Subs-Graphics.php on line 415

I just click on "additional options" then on "browse" then on the file then on "post".. don't understand


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Ok, so I just did a google search on that error message and people suggest increasing the max memory in php.ini. I just spoke to my hosting company about the current setting and they already have it set to the max of 64MB.

Google searches say that the error might be caused by a lot of memory being used during the creation of the thumbnail.

One thing that might help out is to lower the resolution of the image you are uploading using something like Easy Thumbnails.


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I have a CNC controlled by a PC through a smoothstepper card.

The smoothstepper send control signals (dir, step, enable) to the motor drivers.

The drivers are in 1/8 mode, ie each physical step are divided by 8 steps, maintained by differential tensions.

When I used the emergency stop, the tension on the motor is released and the motor lose his microstep to go on a physical step.

The cnc is then unrigged.

It's why I make up this CNC wing, which is in fact a mere buffer wing.

I needed a 5 volts interface.

Through the wing, the papilio continually monitors the positions of the cnc axis via encoders and the positions ordered by the PC, then sends control impulses to the drivers if the positions don't match.

Or the papilio can controls brushed motors by PWM through power mosfets.

I use for inputs the pins of the FPGA that can be used to trigger events in vhdl.  2 ouputs can drive a led through a resistor and there are places to put a capacitor between inputs and ground in order to reduce noises.  Inputs and outputs are in 5V.

I copied out the jack/usb power jumper, so the choice is available.  The wing can be powered by USB, the jack, a 2 pins connector at the same admissible tension than the jack and a 2 pins connector with 5 regulated Volts.  The fpga tension must be 3.3V.

The wing needs to be cut to the location of the jack.

I misplaced a jumper near the jack so I altered the board (see the zip).

Everyone can do what he want with the files I share, except these files (just those I share) must remain open and free.



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