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Guest AtomSoft

Hey i ordered my papilio one from CuteDigi hope you dont mind...

I did my first projects:

and second:

i also implemented the AVR soft core with a  custom peripheral which has 4 registers..

3 control (RATE) registers

1 Status register

Internally there is a 24 bit rate register which pulls in data like:

            rate_reg(23 downto 16) <= control_reg;
            rate_reg(15 downto <= control2_reg;
            rate_reg(7 downto 0) <= control3_reg;

I wanted to know can i simply create a 24 bit register to write directly to ?

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The projects look good and I don't mind you ordering from CuteDigi at all. :)

I wanted to know can i simply create a 24 bit register to write directly to ?

Can you elaborate more on what you want do to do? The I/O bus is 8 bits wide from what I remember so you can implement a 24 bit register but need multiple reads or writes to access it. I'm not sure if that is what you were asking though.


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Guest AtomSoft

Thanks, thats what I have done. I setup 3 8 bit registers and then just merge them into one 24bit ... which is fine anyway...

Ok i have a question, I have like no experience with Arduino type code so wanted to know.. Can i implement a register and be able to set a bit at a time without having to set the entire register? Like in PIC micros i can:

LATA = 0x01; // This sets the entire port output latches to 0000 0001

What i want to do is more like:

LATAbits.LATA0 = 1; //This just sets BIT 0 to a 1

How would i do this in Arduino ? Can i give the bits nice names ?

Basically i am going to try and make a LCD Peripheral for the AVR softcore and wanted to make a control register where each bit has a specific purpose like


BIT 7 = LCD CS Control

BIT 6 = LCD RS Control

BIT 5 = LCD WR Control

BIT 4 = LCD RD Control

BIT 3 = LCD RST Control


BIT 1 = ....To come later

BIT 0 = ....To come later

How can i make it so i can simply use the arduino style...

ControlReg.CS = 1; //Something like this...

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See the AVR bit manipulation instructions for this (SBI/CBI). For IO you can also toggle individual bits.

From  ATMEGA48/168/328 datasheet:

13.2.2 Toggling the Pin

Writing a logic one to PINxn toggles the value of PORTxn, independent on the value of DDRxn.

Note that the SBI instruction can be used to toggle one single bit in a port.


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