ProtoWing and SOIC-DIP adaptor design

Guest Binette228

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Guest Binette228


While I had some free time, I designed 2 simple boards (one compatible with Papilio) usefull to everybody. The two can be manufactured with the Seeedstudio PCB service for 10$ (10 copies).

SOIC to DIP adaptator:

A simple SOIC to DIP adaptator, breadboard compatible and very usefull to prototype with SOIC chips that can be easily soldered pin per pin. You can save money using them with SOIC sample chips from Texas Instruments or Microchip. (you get a total of 20 boards for 10$)

Papilio ProtoWing:

A simple wing to help you prototype wings or designs with the Papilio. You can glue a little breadboard to it, or solder components. (10 for 10$)

I haven't manufactured them yet, so if you manufacture one post the result here with your design files.

IMPORTANT: You can only use my designs for personnal use. If you want to sell some, e-mail me before to get my approval. Post here what you do!


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Thank you for posting these designs, they look great. You might want to consider putting them up on the Papilio Wing Playground too. The Wing Playground is an open Wiki so you can make your own page for both the designs if you would like.

On a side note, I just received our first batch of Prototyping Wings yesterday! They should be available in the store as soon as I get a chance to photograph them.


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