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Guest Binette228


I've put together most of the info of the website in a PDF document, to make it easier for everyone to access the information on their computer, all in one place. (And maybe helping Jack with the documentation).

It's not yet finish, I want to add more in-depth info about the board (wich aren't on the website) like the maximum I/O output current, etc.

Feel free to contribute by posting other versions here, reporting errors, making requests and adding stuff. Any feedback is welcome!

PDF version:

Iwork version:

Word version (a lot of bugs):


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This is a great idea and very much appreciated. I made a new section in the Papilio Playground for offline documentation.

I also copied the Wiki contents of the hardware page to the OfflineDocumentation section. If you want to make improvements feel free to do so. I was thinking I will start looking into a PDF export function such as the WikiPublisher project for each page. So if you make improvements to the actual wikipage then we can generate a pdf version of the entire website.

Finally, this is probably a good time to ask for any input on where people feel the documentation needs more work. So please share your ideas and requests here.

Thanks again for putting this together,


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