Avr8 cleanup

Guest pepevi

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Guest pepevi

Jack (or whom it may concern),

There is a tar.gz in


which differs from the source files. Specifically,


makes use of CPROGMEMSIZE and the one in the tar doesn't.

Is there a reason or should the tar.gz be removed?

Regards.  :)

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Guest pepevi


Papilio_AVR8.vhd was compiling ok but when trying to simulate in ModelSim there was an unbound error.


Line 305: AVR_Core_Inst: AVR_Core port map(


AVR_Core_Inst:component AVR_Core port map(

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Hello pepevi,

The tar.gz file in that directory is the original unmodified source downloaded from the Opencores website.

It probably makes sense to move it into a directory called original-source or something like that so it is not so confusing.

I'll look at the Simulation issue, most likely since the top level name changed there needs to be changes in the test bench.


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