MicroSD Wing: How to test the design

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I do have a method that I use to test every SD card Wing. It is a sketch that uses the Arduino IDE and the AVR8 processor. I don't have any straight VHDL code at the moment.

If you download the latest Arduino IDE there is a full folder under the Examples called "SdFat". It has many examples that all work and I usually use the "SdFatInfo" sketch to test out new SD Wings.

Hope that helps, I will also create a task to try and make a VHDL example for the SD card, but I'm not sure how soon I can get that done. I'm up to my ears in manufacturing boards right now.

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I realize this is a two year old thread. However, here is a straight VHDL code example written by Steven J. Merrifield to read and write raw data onto a SDSC card (via SPI interface). This can be altered to write to a higher capacity SD.




Jack did you ever get around to writing your own VHDL code for this? If so would you still be willing to share it?

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