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Guest helltone

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Guest helltone

Hi, I have a papilio 2.04 250k board and programming the FPGA works fine, but programming the SPI I have the following error:

$ papilioloader -v -b top.bit -f bscan_spi_xc3s250e.bit -sp -r

Using built-in device list

JTAG chainpos: 0 Device IDCODE = 0x11c1a093 Desc: XC3S250E

Uploading "top.bit". Done.

Programming time 271.3 ms

Programming External Flash Memory with "bscan_spi_xc3s250e.bit".

Uknown Flash Manufacturer

Error: SPI Status Register [0x00] mismatch (Wrong device or device not ready)..

Error occured.

USB transactions: Write 87 read 4 retries 3

Any ideas?

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Part of my standard testing procedure before I send boards out is to program the SPI Flash chip with the ASCIIText sketch. So if you see the RX led flash when you plug the board into the USB port then you know the SPI flash works correctly.

Where did you get the papilioloader you are using from? Are you running it under Linux or Windows?

Here are a couple of things to try. First of all, if you download the Arduino IDE there is a board option to "burn" the design. This uses the papilioloader in SPI mode and can provide a working example.

Or if you download the Papilio Loader 1.4 it has a shell script for programming the Papilio One that includes an option and an example of programming the SPI flash.

Both can be downloaded from the download page.


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