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are you planning to obtain CE certification for papilio boards ? It's mandatory if you want to sell to European Union.

I think it's not very hard to obtain, but I'm not a specialist on these matters.


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I've put it on my task list to start looking into it.

I think the biggest roadblock I have right now is that it gets costly to have a third party perform the testing required. I don't sell enough to be able to afford that type of testing yet.

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Guest IPenguin

The Papilio One will not require testing and approval by a third party authority/lab as it does not fall into a group that is considered of high risk to the public interest.

Quoted from European Commission - Enterprise and Industry - CE Marking - FAQ

Are all CE marked products tested and approved by authorities?

No. In fact, the assessment of the conformity of the products with the legislative requirements applying to them is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer. The manufacturer affixes the CE marking and drafts the EC Declaration of Conformity. Only products which are regarded as presenting a high risk to the public interest, e.g. pressure vessels, lifts and certain machine tools, require conformity assessment by a third party, i.e. a notified body.

As a matter of fact it may not require CE marking at all as long as it's not sold as a commercial product inside the EU.

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