Papilio Loader App goals and purpose.

Jack Gassett

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Girish and I were chatting and we agreed that we really need to create an installable application that makes it easy for someone to download and use all of the functionality of the Papilio One. When someone buys a shiny new Papilio One they shouldn't have to search around the website for everything it can do. We want to package up all the cool things it can do into one easy download and installer.

Girish was working on what we were calling a "Virtual Breadboard Application" that allows you to drag and drop Wings onto the Papilio One. It was meant to be used for generating VHDL files but we are not quite ready for that yet, so for now we are going to use it as the basis for the Papilio Loader App.

This is what we want to accomplish with the app:

  -One stop shop for everything the Papilio One can do.

  -Be "Papilio App" centric.

      -Examples of "Papilio Apps"

          -Logic Analyzer App

          -Papilio Builder based Apps to demo Wings. See Note 1 below for more details.

                -IR Wing App with default config that shows how Wing is connected and start Arduino IDE with example sketch.

  -Provide a framework for resources that a Papilio App might need.


      -VHDL files

      -Bit files

      -Source code such as Arduino pde's.

  -Provide an easy user interface to those resources.

      -User can access Documentation for an App

      -User can load app over JTAG using xc3sprog

      -User can write app to SPI flash using xc3sprog

NOTE 1: Papilio Apps further defined:

Papilio Builder Apps allow Wings to be dragged into specific Wing slots and the Papilio Builder will generate the appropriate VHDL and Setup portion of a sketch depending on which Wing slot is selected. The default configuration will have a pre-generated bitfile and sketch that does not need to be synthesized for so it can be quickly used.

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Guest b3457m0d3

jack, are the img files you use for your virtual bread board app available with a creative commons license?  i would very much like to use those to create a fritzing set for building schematics.

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