[SOLVED] Urjag - unkwnown device

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I'm trying to use urjtag to transfer bitstream files on the papilio board. This the 250k version (spartan XC3S250E in the VQG100 package)

I'm running urjtag version 0.10.

What I'm doing is basically typing by hand and step by step, the instructions in the script provided in the butterfly loader version 1.1.

My problem is the following : urjtag doesn't recognize my device. It gives the following message :

jtag> detect

IR length: 6

Chain length: 1

Device Id: 00010001110000011010000010010011 (0x0000000011C1A093)

  Manufacturer: Xilinx

  Unknown part!

Question 1 : Is this a blocking problem or is this safe to proceed with the next instruction?

Urjtag doesn't provide the configuration file for for this chip. Even in the svn version.

Question 2 : Where can I find it ?

If it's nowhere to be find, I'm considering to write one myself.

http://urjtag.org/book/_data_file_format.html describes the general format.

Question 3 : Where can I find other useful information ? (like the signal list, extra instructions/registers, etc…)

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