High speed usb virtual com port experiance?

Guest josheeg

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Guest josheeg

Does anyone have high speed USB experience with the xilinx fpga?

I found a solution for full speed usb in Xilinx FPGA HDL code and a external chip & open source design.

I would like to implement it normal com port communication is too slow for my project.

This would be a open source design using Papilio USB3250 is the usb chip & this place uses the xilinx fpga to make a virtual com port USB system that is easy to interface to with a xilinx & the usb3250. http://www.xs4all.nl/~rjoris/fpga/usb.html ;D

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You are absolutely correct, the top speed is not 115200. It should be possible to get 1-3Mbaud speed out of the two pin 232 UART mode that is connected.

I haven't done much testing at these higher speeds yet, but I'm going to be doing some more work with the Sump Logic Analyzer code where I will try to squeeze as much speed as possible out of the chip.


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