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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I am the new owner of a Papilio 500 with a Logic Start Mega Wing. I am eager to dig into the VGA and sound capabilities. I have taken the following steps and am bumping up against a "Cannot get programmer version, aborting" error when trying to upload the VGA Hello World example. From the top: Download Papilio Boot Loader Run the Erase and Verify operations in the Papilio Boot Loader. Download ZAP 2.2.0 Set the Board to the Papilio One 500 running the Mega Start Hyperion... Select the Papilio Programmer Burn the Bootloader Upload the VGA Hello WorldI would expect the program to upload but I get the following output: Executing C:\Users\brent\Desktop\papilio-zap-ide/hardware/tools/zpu/bin/zpu-elf-size C:\Users\brent\AppData\Local\Temp\build1289722314899768199.tmp/Hello_World.cpp.elfBinary sketch size: 2,036 bytes (of a 12,160 byte maximum) - 1,992 bytes ROM, 52 bytes memory, 16% usedCannot get programmer version, aborting Any thoughts on how to get around this issue?