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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all. Its a long time since I used my papilio board but I have cme up with an idea and was hoping someone might be able to tell me if it ossible using a Papilio one 500K and thwe schematic editor. The idea is to build a MIDI to CV controller for use with modular synthesizers. I understand that the schematic editor can enable the user to add as many peripherals as they wish to their design. So would it be possible for me to add say 12 or more DACs to my design for use as outputs having had data converted from a serial port running at the MIDI baud rate (31250 baud) as MIDI messages (note on/off, controller messages etc) to be converted to analog voltages to be sent out of the DACs implemented on the design. The reason for this is that although I have a KEnton MIDI to CV converter it only has 2 channels. I would like loads more channels so I could control my modular through any MIDI platform. Does anyone understand what I am saying and would it be pssible? If someone could help I would be very appreciative... Thanks. Steve.
  2. Hello. I'm working on a MAX5556 Audio DAC Wing and I thought I should share it here . It (obviously) has a MAX5556 Stereo DAC at its core, with an I2S-compatible interface and up to 50KHz sampling rate (perfect for standard 44.1 and 48 KHz sampling rates) and a resolution of 16 and 24 bits. The board does not contain any output buffer as I wanted the board to be as small as possible. It only has the MAX5556, a couple of passives and a 3.5mm stereo jack. I'll leave you with the schematics and a render of the board. Any criticism is well accepted I'm also prototyping a Megawing with an ADC, a DAC and an Ethernet controller to stream audio over ethernet. Schematic.pdf
  3. While going through hamster's Intro to FPGA & VHDL book (great resource BTW), I had a go at outputting 8-bit audio at 11 KHz through a sigma-delta DAC. It worked, but the audio quality was pretty poor. Yes, 8-bit @ 11 KHz audio is low-fi, but the same audio data is much less noisy when played through a computer's sound-card. The DAC itself was clocked at 32 MHz, which I think should be more than enough for decent quality output. I set myself the goal of improving quality to be similar to a sound-card (without increasing the number of bits or the input sample-rate). So far, I have managed to improve the quality by using a second-order sigma-delta DAC, but it still has crackling noise audible that shouldn't be there. Has anybody else experimented with sigma-delta DACs and 8-bit audio? If so, what kind quality did you get? I'm wondering if there's something wrong with the DAC, or if I should be doing something like digitally low-pass filtering the 8-bit @ 11 KHz audio data before passing it on to the DAC. Hans