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  1. Purplefly

    Problem with the Channels

    Hello again, I finally got it right so I can update the bit files on my RetroCade Synth V1.1. But I still have a few problems when using a Midi-Controller to play the Synth Channels. I've found Version 1.3 deep somewhere in this forum which fixed the note off problem for channel 2, but the other channels remain. All 8 Channels are called "SIDV1". Shouldn't there be at least one YM2149 channel? Channel 0 Drums don't produce any sound Channel 1 seems to be the same as Channel 0 Channels 2 - 7 are playing the last key pressed constantly, I can only stop when turning off the power When I press keys on my Midi Keyboard in Channel 0 too fast one these things will happen: a broken bass noise appears note off doesn't work until I press another key random notes are being played Can someone please help me get to finally play this awesome synth? :-) A thousand thanks Julian
  2. Purplefly

    Problems with Windows 10

    I've found the drivers in the "DesignLab-1.0.7", but unfortunately they don't get updated from the FTDI-Drivers regardless of which way I try to install them. But the papilio-loader from the design lab is working better than the standalone version.
  3. Purplefly

    Problems with Windows 10

    Hi Jack, thanks for the video, but the provided "RetroCade Synth-1.1-Setup.exe" doesn't seem to install any drivers, I only get the generic FTDI drivers. I can't find any drivers to download and install Also I had to copy the Papillio Loader manually for some reason ... attached is a screenshot of the installed files. Thanks again Julian
  4. Purplefly

    Problems with Windows 10

    Hello there, I bought a retrocade Megawing V1.1 but I'm having a lot of problems with Windows 10 Anniversary Update (1607). I tried using the get started instructions, but I can't even install the driver and the papillio loader isn't found. What am I doing wrong? A thousand thanks in advance, I'm so excited :-)