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  1. SpaceFIre

    A whole bunch of questions

    Hi Felix and Jack, Thank you both for your help- Felix: The eBay purcahse was a one off privet sale I guess, he's not selling anymore of them or anything like that as far as I know.. I am located in the SouthWest of England. Jack: I hope you don't mind, I have a few more questions: 1. What are the actual differences between the Papilio Pro and the Papilio DUO and which one is more recent? 2. I am unable to run parallels, I purcahsed this specifically because it seemed to be advertised as working on the Mac. 3. Who would I have to bribe to get the Papilio Loader updated for Yosemite? 4. Is there anyway to reset the synth back to default settings I cannot seem to get any MIDI in or out of it. All the best, SF.
  2. SpaceFIre

    A whole bunch of questions

    Hi, I'm very new here so please forgive me if I ask stupid questions. 1 - I recently brought a RetroCade someone was selling on eBay for £68.60 ($106.26 I'm not even sure if I paid a fair price?). Sadly thought the screen is damaged please can someone tell me the cheapest place to buy a new one in the UK (or EU online) and what exactly to buy, could I replace it with a RGB equivalent as the blue light hurts my eyes a bit and it's nice to adjust the colour? 2 - Would the RetroCade work with the Papilio DUO? 3 - I purchased this having read this: I am guessing the since that was posted in 2013 the Mac software will be out by now, where can I download it? SF.