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  1. vimalab

    About papilio one board

    Good morning sir, Am trying to download papilio loader, but it showing an error as "An error was occurred during installation". Why its showing error? Regards Vimala
  2. vimalab

    About papilio one board

    Good evening sir, Can i use papilio one fpga board to configure an another target board? By using impact software can i configure an target board? Means my target device should detect on impact software... Thank you Regards Vimala
  3. vimalab

    About papilio one board

    Thank you sir, But i go through that page sir, i click on the schematics of last page it showing error page. Regards Vimala
  4. Good afternoon sir, Can you please send me the complete schematics of papilio one fpga board? Thank you, Regards Vimala